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William Crowley

William Crowley is a Cork photographer and artist. I have used his photos on 3 seperate occasions now...for a video of a live version of Remember when we didn't kiss, for the cover of A New Season for Love and most recently in a colloboration for "The Moon Loses Its Memory" album. The photos for The Moon Loses Its Memory are below. Prints are available to purchase and if you would like to do so contact William on his facebook page here:

William Crowley - Photographer and Artist

The Moon Loses Its Memory

14 William Crowley photographs were used for the Moon Loses Its Memory album. The photographs were specifically chosen my the photographer to relate to the song.

maze of your heart

yellow crumbs

the moon loses its memory

thirst & water


you stole december

man of sand


place a letter on my front porch


silver as mercury

burning coal

lay low for awhile

similes & metaphors

A New Season For Love

Below are some wonderful photographs taken from a collection by William Crowley that were used for the sleeve of the "A New Season For Love" cd, this website and the youtube video "Remember when we didn't kiss".



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